вторник, 13 мая 2014 г.

About the Human Rights Club - 2nd Meeting

In the second meeting of  the AYA Human Rights Club, we asked ourselves different questions. How can we define and recognize Human Rights? What does  the International legislation say about them?

But also: what is a human being? Who should protect and give rights to human beings?

Through a brainstorming we tried to understand what are our general ideas about human rights, so that we can say they are tied with ideas of justice and equality, dignity and freedom.

We discussed about the different definitions we can find, and how there’s not a right one, but still we can say they are universal, interconnected between each other and that we need them for our personal dignity and happiness.

We explored their origins and how the concept of Human Right is not a static one, but in continuous evolution throughout the history, and International legislation and organizations dealing with human rights are contributing in shaping its current meaning.

After getting some practical  information about human rights, participants were asked to imagine a new island and set rights that future citizens of this island should have been provided with, so not just basic rights to survive, but also rights they need to live in peace and develop themselves., for ex. the right to free speech and thought, the right to have its own religion, to not be discriminated.

We said how having rights means also having obligations, to respect the others, their right to talk and think freely, to have a fair treatment on the place of work, but also their right to life.


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