суббота, 31 мая 2014 г.

4th and last Meeting of the AYA Human Rights Club

In this week Meeting of the Human Rights Club we started our discussion debating on some statements connected to human rights. From our debate emerged that we agree that human rights are universal (everybody has human rights), they protect first of all the individual (also from his government, if necessary), a country can’t choose which human rights are the best for his citizens, if it has signed international conventions on human rights, he must ensure the citizens can enjoy of all human rights.

Then we started to think what for us are the fundamental human rights, and participants decided to put at the first place the right to life.

Thinking about the fact that all should have human rights, we still realize that a lot of people miss some fundamental rights, that’s why we spoke about minorities!

Who they are? How can we define them?

And…are we part of a minority group? Most of the people will just say no to this question, but we thought about the fact that actually we can be minorities too, depending on the context and specific situations.

To reflect better on who are the minorities and how it feels to be a part of them, we played a game where each of the participant had a role and had to try to figure it out how could have been the life of this specific person.

Well, we saw how categories of people, like disabled one, homeless people, or Roma, are heavily discriminated in our societies, and they often can’t access to such basic rights, like the right to education or  to medical assistance, that we take for granted.

This was my last meeting of the Club; I can say I was really glad to share and exchange knowledge on Human Rights with people, here in Moscow. I hope people that came could learn and think more on the topic, and will have the curiosity to learn even more and make other aware of the necessity of speaking about it, simply because it’s connected to our life and the way we want our societies to be.

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