вторник, 9 июля 2013 г.

Медвежий дом в Кутерево ищет волонтера на 2 месяца

Не знаешь как провести лето?
Мы подскажем.

C начала июля до конца августа/начала сентября нужно будет встречать, координировать, помогать волонтерским группам, организовывать интересные мероприятия  в заповедном местечке Кутерево, Хорватия.

Есть желание? 
Присылай свое CV и мотивационное письмо на английском языке на почту [email protected]

Подробнее о проекте: http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=66000194401


Since there are approximately 4 groups in the same time and more than 20 groups during July and August the volunteer will be:
  • welcoming groups and introducing them to the project and surrounding
  • coordinating the work, preparing tasks and tools for them
  • organizing educational activities for scouts about nature protection, sustainable lifestyle etc.
  • supporting groups in logistical aspects and field trips
  • supporting organization of cultural activities in the village (celebrations, fairs, etc.)
  • taking part in everyday activities of the Volunteers’ station

It is more than welcome, but not obligatory, that the volunteer has some previous experience in coordination of groups or workcamps and different types of outdoor work and activities. Also, the volunteer should be ready for simple and communal way of living with dozen of other volunteers, interested in nature/bear conservation and coexistence with wilderness.
We are also expecting that the volunteer is ready for a very intensive summer, is able to communicate openly, take over responsibilities and tasks agreed on and is flexible towards needs and priorities of the project.

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