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EVS в Англии

Дорогие друзья, поскольку АЯ теперь может отправлять некоторое количество людей и на EVS проекты, спешите воспользоваться такой возможностью!
Проект в Англии ждет своих героев. Дедлайн- 6 января 2013г. 
Полное описание проектов ниже.

UNA Exchange is planning to make an application to the Feb 1st deadline for our annual set of projects. This season we are recruiting for 6 volunteers to take part in our youth/ youth information based projects here in Wales. The volunteers will be based in Cardiff and Merthyr Tydfil and will be part of a group EVS project.

The deadline for applications is January 6th 2013.



UNA Exchange - the organisation

UNA Exchange is a not for profit organisation based in Wales, working to promote international understanding since 1973. The organisation aims to support community development through volunteering and cultural exchange.

Our projects

UNA Exchange has been working on European Voluntary Service since 1997 and has hosted nearly 60 EVS volunteers. We also work to send volunteers from Wales on EVS and train volunteers participating in the programme in Wales.

The projects offered by UNA Exchange are organised in partnership with four different community organisations, all in some way working with young people in South Wales. Each one hosts one or two EVS volunteers to work together with their staff and local volunteers. UNA Exchange helps with hosting arrangements and works to support the volunteers and organisations where they work. This means that the volunteers are supported by the EVS Host Organisations and UNA Exchange.

Group EVS

We will apply to the Feb 1st deadline for 6 volunteers to join this Group EVS project. Each volunteer will be doing a different activity associated with young people and come together each month to share experiences and work on common projects together.

We think that this way of working offers the best support to the volunteer and the community organisation. Although volunteers work on different projects, they come together for common projects, training and evaluations. Volunteers on different projects may also live together, which means that as well as meeting lots of people from Wales volunteers have contact with people from many other countries.

UNA Exchange organise the recruitment of volunteers, on arrival training, administration, support of volunteers and host organisation, common work between volunteers and evaluation. Each volunteer has a supervisor from his/her host organisation and can also come to UNA Exchange for help, advice and support.

Each project is looking for volunteers to start at the beginning of September 2013 for 11 months. We will apply for the Feb 1st deadline 2013.

Promo-Cymru (2011-GB-53)
2 volunteers- September start (Media and youth information)

Merthyr Youth Service (2011-GB-34)

4 volunteers in total
1 Portuguese, 1 Polish – September start (Merthyr Tydfil Schools)
1 volunteer –September start (Treharris Boys and Girls Club)
1 volunteer – September start (Catch-22 – young people not in education, employment or training)

All these projects are approved EVS projects and can be found on the EVS Database but the descriptions on the website are are designed as an overall view so some of the details there will be slightly different.

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