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Зима в Италии!

Наши итальянские партнеры объявляют набор на двухмесячный проект в Италии уже этой зимой! Спешите!
Даты проекта: 01/12/2012 - 31/01/2013. 
Количество участников: 3 волонтера.
Проект будет крайне интересен для всех поклонников эко-образа жизни и неравнодушных к эко-будущему нашей планеты. 
Спешите присылать свои резюме и мотивационные письма нам на почту. Дедлайн- 16 ноября!

PROJECT: Legambiente’s project is addressed to anyone who wants to live an unusual experience, to adapt their habits and making them sustainable for the care of the planet. In our project the volunteers will experiment a different life style : they will have the opportunity to deal with ecological practices such as the separation of garbage the re-using and recycling, water and electricity saving, food based on local and season products, sustainable mobility, etc. Volunteers will practice principles of sustainable mobility using bicycles and public transport, they will discover a different kind of tourism, exploring the territory rich in nature, according to the workcamp’s context instead of visiting the bigger and more common cities. Life in community is a key point in any of Legambiente’s project, since it is the link which allows the cultural exchange and the discovery of the surroundings. Therefore, it is important that the candidates are willing to adapt their own habits during the period of the camp and realize together how a different world is possible! 

WORK: The volunteers will be involved about 30 hours from Monday to Friday (it may be required to work some Sundays), mostly cleaning/taking care of the green areas up the hill, along the historical Walls of Verona, the bastions on the right side of city and Santa Marta’s park. The main works are cleaning, cutting grass and branches and general maintenance of the park. Volunteers will also participate in the associations manifestations such as urban trekkings (thematic walks along the Walls of Verona) and environmental campaigns (Pendolaria, Mal’aria, Save the Art, etc). They often work together with Italian volunteers and are in contact with local people. Volunteers will participate in weekly meetings to deepen their knowledge on environmental issues, such as air pollution, energy,recycling etc. 

LOCATION: Ex Caserma di Santa Marta: east part of the centre of Verona, near the university area. 

ACCOMMODATION: An Apartment in the park of Santa Marta with 2 bedrooms for 2 persons.The association offers board and lodging. The volunteers, by turn, clean the house, make lunch, wash dishes, open and close the gate. 

LANGUAGE: The official language is English. 

SPECIAL REMARKS: At disposition: A bike for each volunteer; a house phone; internet access at definite times (in the office). 
What to bring: sleeping bag, games, instruments, something typical from your country to share with the others, working shoes, working clothes (old clothes you can get dirty), warm clothes (even if it is Italy, it is getting cold sometimes!), raincoat. 

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