пятница, 7 сентября 2012 г.

новый LTV проект в Испании на ферме!

Хочется пожить в тепле и на природе? Позаботиться о животных? Подоить коз? Тогда новый долгосрочный проект от наших партнеров из Испании создан специально для вас!
Пишите нам, шлите свои резюме!

We have created a new LTV project on organic traditional goat-cheese farm:

PERIOD: minimum of 1 month of the project any time of the year
LOCATION: little village San Mames, 80km from Madrid, Spain
VACANCY: 1-2 volunteers at the same period of time
WORK: taking care of animals, milking goats, making cheese.
Medium level of Spanish required.


The project supports a local, traditional and ecological cheese and goat farm. Volunteers will help with taking care of animals (goat, cows), they will learn how to milk goats and make a cheese. The hosting farm is leaded by a very charming and friendly spanish farmer, who will teach volunteers about ecological farming. As the work is difficult to learn, volunteers are asked to come for at least 1 mounth and we require a motivation letter in Spanish as well. After they stay, it is possible to get a certificate about ecological farming and making cheese. The farm itself is a working livestock farm which still uses many traditional methods of farming.


will be provided directly on the cheese farm. Accomodation is basic; volunteers will have a room for themselves; shower, toilet and kitchen are available. A bicycle will be provided to the volunteer as well.


San Mamés is little village in northen mountains of Madrid. The nearest town with banks and shops is 15min. bus ride away from this village. Farm is located cca 600 metres from the center of the village. San Mamés is about 80km far away from Madrid - 1,5 hour bus ride. Northen mountains offers a huge diversity of rural tourism - lakes, natural pools, monateries, medieval castles, horse-riding, paragliding, canoeing and other sports for the free time.

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