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поторопитесь! новый долгосрочный проект в Англии!

Новый LTV проект на 2012 год от Concordia UK *CONCUKLTV01 YMCA FAIRTHORNE MANOR 1st March – 1st October 2013*.

Внимание, дедлайн для подачи заявок совсем скоро- 14 сентября 2012г.! Прекрасный проект для всех, кто заинтересован в работе с детьми, особенно в активном времяпрепровождении на свежем воздухе. Проект длится 7 месяцев, количество мест- 4.

Просьба заполнить форму VEF (как для короткосрочного проекта) и прислать мотивационное письмо для проекта, также необходимо после подачи заявки как можно скорее предоставить два референционных письма (включая одно из последнего места работы/учебы) и справку о несудимости.
С желающими будет обязательно проводиться телефонное собеседование.


Dates: 1st March – 1st October 2013

Work: Kids

Vols: 4

Age: 18 – 30

Location: Southampton

After a very successful two years of running our LTV project with the YMCA Fairthorne Manor. The YMCA would love to give the opportunity to 4 Volunteers to do a 7 month project starting in March 2013 that will provide valid experience and training working and running activities with children.

YMCA Fairthorne Group is a fast growing charity. There mission is to champion and add value to young lives by providing experiences that challenge, enable and develop the individual.

During the term time the centre caters mainly for residential school groups aged 8 – 12 years. They generally arrive on a Monday and stay until Friday. The children are arranged into groups of 12 within their school and partake in a variety of activities during the day and into the evening. During the weekends we run similar programmes for a wide range of groups and community organisations.

During the school holidays the style of work changes. You will experience ‘Daycamps’ at Easter and half term and our huge summer day camp over 6 weeks in the summer. Children come in busloads from towns, villages and cities to experience a range of outdoor activities plus crafts, games and drama, to name but a few. We cater for up to 600 children each day with some groups staying on site overnight in tents.

A considerable amount of work takes place away from Fairthorne Manor, including youth projects, children’s work in Dorset, the delivery of children’s after school clubs, supported housing for 16-25 year olds, nurseries and our residential centre on the Isle of Wight. During your stay you will get involved with some of these projects, giving you an opportunity to see some of our local communities and meet some of the local children and young people.

Your work here will certainly be varied, but generally you will be leading activity sessions for children and young people, helping them achieve new challenges and have fun! This is a physically demanding job (should you have additional needs we are able to make reasonable adjustments) and you will be working hard whilst you are here. It’s a very busy place! The Centre operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so come prepared for a hectic but enjoyable time.

In addition to the running of activities you will also be expected to contribute to the running of the centre in other ways. This will include working as part of the estate team, housekeeping team or providing a helping hand in the kitchen for a week. It is the estate team’s responsibility to take care of the maintenance of the centre and this can include such tasks as putting up marquees (big tents) and maintaining the equipment. Sometimes you get to help out in other areas such as nursery or reception.

Training: This volunteer role will be part of an apprenticeship training programme. As a result, the YMCA will offer full and comprehensive training in all elements of running outdoor education activities. Combined with work experience here at Fairthorne Manor, this should secure you an NVQ Level 2 in Activity Leadership, as well as some National Governing Body Qualifications, such as British Canoe Union, level 1.

Accommodation: Volunteers will be allocated a basic room, which maybe shared with up to 4 other instructors. This is your own space and as much as possible we allow you to treat it as your own. Three meals a day will be will be provided in the canteen and there are toilet and shower facilities and a washing machine.

Please note, we are not a 5* hotel. We are more like a youth hostel with dormitory-style accommodation and basic facilities.

Location: Fairthorne Manor is located in a village called Curdridge which is near the city of Southampton on the South Coast of England. It is about 15 minutes walk from Fairthorne Manor into the village where there are shops and pubs. The nearest train station is Botley which is about half an hour’s journey into Southampton.

Terminal: London or Southampton Airports and Botley train station for arrivals and departures.

Working Hours: You will normally work six days per week, some weeks you may be required to work around 50 hours, but your average should be no more than 45 hours per week.

Holiday: Holiday entitlement is eighteen days pro rata, by prior agreement.

Special Requirements: Volunteers will need to provide a certificate of good conduct, motivational letter, and provide two references, including one from their most recent school/ college or employer.

A phone interview will also be conducted. Volunteers will be provided with £70 per week ‘pocket money’ and food and accommodation. The job description are available from the UK Volunteer programme co-ordinator.

Volunteer profile:

· An outgoing and friendly personality, able to communicate well and engage a wide range of people, including children, staff and group leaders.

· A genuine enthusiasm for working with children

· A genuine enthusiasm for the work of the organisation.

· An aptitude for and interest in a wide range of sports.

· Willingness to learn new skills and undergo training.

· As this post involves working with children and living on site, all applicants must be aged between 18 – 30 years old.

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