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подтянуть французский весело и играючи? это возможно!

MTV проект на 2 месяца во Франции для тех, кто хочет подтянуть французский и усовершенствовать свои навыки в общении с людьми и в организации жизни групп волонтеров на музыкальном фестивале!


We are looking for a medium term volunteer for leading an international wokcamp project (music festival) and help out in the office over the busy period from june to august 2012.

We would like to welcome a volunteer during this period : June 20th to 20th august 2012.

The volunteer will lead an international camps during 2 weeks and work for 4 weeks at the Concordia's office in Clermont-Ferrand, with the 2 full-time members of staff and other volunteers.

After his/her arrival, the volunteer will follow a camp leader training for 1 week : from 24th to 30th of June.


You will work on the international workcamps organized in our region. You will be trained to lead these projects. You will lead a camp and you will help with the preparation (logistic, local preparation…).

First, there will be a 6 days leaders training to prepare for leading international volunteers workcamp projects. Other leaders from all over the country will also participate to it. The training will take place in the region Auvergne, from the 24th to 30th of June.

During the month of July you will work with the staff at the office and you will visit other workcamps in the region during few days to meet other leaders and volunteers.

You will also prepare and organize your camp (relations with partners, tents, sleeping matresses, tools and all the stuff …).

Then during two weeks you will lead an international workcamp (from the 1st to 15th of August). You will supervise a group of 7 volunteers who are going to participate in the organization of a music festival :

- decoration of different places of festival,

- participation to sustainable development actions during the festival (raising-awareness animations, recycling, dry toilets…),

- participation to the small catering of the festival, giving an international variousness to it.

This workcamp stands in the village of Blesle (700 habitants), located in the Haute-Loire Departement (Auvergne region). It is 70km southward from Clermont-Ferrand, in the very beautiful valley of Allagnon. Nature and architectual heritage make this place really attractive (it is certified as "Beautiful village of France").

During the workcamp, you will also have to organize the daily life and the leisures of the participants, and to manage the budget. The leader is responsible for the security of the volunteers, the respect of the rules and the french law, the atmosphere, the relations among the group and with local people and townhall. The leader is living with the group everyday, 24h/24h during the camps. Lodging are under tents or in common room (school, town hall, house …).

You will have 2 days off per month. You can take them during or outside the camps. We will choose them conjointly.

Practical information


You will live with 3 other volunteers in the Concordia's flat above the office between the camps. You will share a bedroom with one of them (but you'll have your own bed!). You will share the kitchen, bathroom and toilets. During the camps and the training, you will stay at the camp basement.

For the camps, please bring a sleeping bag, work/old clothes, good shoes and pull-over, since nights can be cold. Please take also a swimsuite, lakes and rivers are welcoming when sunny days are hot!

We invite you also to bring things you would like to share, for example games, cards, books, music, recipes, food… .

Pocket money

- 50 Euros per week for food, during the 3 weeks of work at the Concordia's office ;

- 35 Euros when you are on workcamp and training (since during these periods we give some money to the leaders for the food and the activities of all the group).


You need medical insurance. Bring your european health insurance card if you are coming from European Union countries or a medical insurance if you come from outside EU.

The insurance during the time at work will be provided by Concordia but volunteers are advised to take out their own personal travel insurance as personal property will not be covered.

PROFILE (what volunteer is ideal fro us)

· Older than 21 years old

· Previous workcamp volunteer/leader experience.

· Ability to speak in French (knowledge good enough to be able to talk with local population and to follow the leaders training)

· Ability to speak in English (basic knowledge, to talk at least with the volunteers)

· Flexibility

· Initiative spirit and autonomy

· Work organisation skills

· Positive mind

How to apply

Interested volunteers should send the enclosed application form, with a short motivation letter in French explaining a little about themselves as well as why they would like the position.

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