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Экологический проект в Италии

Прекрасная возможность поработать на эко-ферме и получить новые знания в сфере экологии и защиты окружающей среды. Опыт не только мануальной, но и креативной работы, а также возможность стать лидером иностранного лагеря!

Project name: “Oikos”: enviroment and education

Location: Gatti Castione Andevenno (Sondrio), Italy

Work start: 12.05.2012

Work end: 12.08.2012

Application deadline: 31.03.2012

Decision date: 04.04.2012

Description: Lunalpina is a Creative Farm in Nothern Italy which aims to promote ecological awareness - especially through the use of artistic and theatrical methods (cultural activities, festivals, events etc). Volunteers - in addition to farm work - will support the activities of an eco-school -"Oikos"- and coordinate eco-programmes and camps for teenagers and international youth. Also festivals, trainings and seminars will be organized with the support if the volunteers.

Work: Volunteers will acquire a relevant knowledge in the field of ecology, sustainable development and enviro education. The main activities will be working in a farm, taking part in trainings, coordinating two ecological workcamps for Italian teenagers, helping in renovation of the building which will host the eco-school and supporting the educational activities at the farm.

Requirements: Interest in environment issues, motivation for simple farm work (harvesting, animals care, working in the garden).

Accommodation: Single room is provided.

Food: Food is provided.

Pocket money: 100 EUR per month.

Insurance: Provided. Visa: SCI Italy will help with the necess

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Oh dear Nadia et Luca gonna run this project, I can give further details for those who are interested in doing this eco-camp. x [Vika]

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