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Долгосрочный проект в Африке/ Children Welfare Centre

Проект располагается в Нигерии. Волонтеры будут помогать в работе центра для брошенных детей. Основные обязанности - забота о детях, организация их свободного времени, уроков и мастерклассов, раздача еды, уборка помещений.

Необходимые условия: владение английским языком.
Сроки проекта: по готовности участника, продолжительность- один год.

Project name: Children Welfare Centre
Location: Nigeria, Federal Capital Territory, Garki, Abuja
Project language: English.
Local language: English.

Description: The project is a child care centre (i.e. children and motherless home) located at the extreme part of the suburb of the main city. The inmates are neglected or abandoned children.

Work: Assist the children in cleaning, washing and providing a comfortable environment for children. Volunteers will give assistance in their social lives, distribution of food and tiding, organizing entertainment, cultural events and various social occasions (games, courses of foreign languages, etc.). Volunteers can also arrange cultural exchange, gardening, sporting, lectures on self-hygiene, etc.

Accommodation: Accommodation in a room in dormitories, all facilities are available.

Food: Local food is provided, volunteers will do self-catering in a local kitchen.

Pocket money: none.

Insurance: Volunteer has to obtain his insurance before he comes to the project for the whole period of stay.

Fee: 200 EUR per month. Feeding, accommodation, orientation, administration, monitoring and other logistics planning.

Visa: Please note: Business Visa should be obtained for 3 months but less than 6 months stay. If stay is more than 6 months, STR Visa should be collected before departure. Tourist visa is only allowed for 1 month.

Others: Clean water is sometimes available but volunteers usually boil water for safe drinking. Pick up of volunteers is arranged by the hosting project on arrival as well as taking them back to the airport after.

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